My Girls 2017 | Canberra Newborn Children Family Baby Portrait Photographer

 Starting school for my eldest and my little one turning two, I wanted some lovely updated memories of my girls.  We were in Adelaide visiting family, and the girls loved the family rocking horse in my parent's backyard so thought it would be the perfect prop for the girls, as well as the amazing trees in the parklands.  

Before any session I like to plan what the girls will wear, and they really wanted to be princesses!   I personally love to have the girls in different outfits with blending them together.  

With the help of Grandma and Grandpa we were able to capture these memories.  My girls are probably the hardest children I will ever photograph, but we still had a lot of fun with the amazing tree stumps, glitter, rocking horse and dancing to music!  

I love these memories, although can't believe how quickly they are growing! I can't wait to have these portraits on our walls at home :) 


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